"All The Pardons- The app that tells you not to be rude with your cell phone."

About the Creator

Alys Myers Studio is run by artist, Alys Myers, founder of Social Acupuncture/Social Meditation - the title of a series of social thought installations meant to make people think about the routines they find themselves in every day and a way to rethink them to the advantage of society and community - think empathy and compassion. " To help people see the world through others' eyes, bettering their lives through community, and patiently helping them to see the world in a new creative way."

Why This App Works
for you

Is bad cell phone behavior driving you crazy?

All The Pardons will remind you not to look at your phone while walking down the street or visiting someone.

Are there people in your life who you wish would be more considerate with their cell phone use?

All The Pardons will break your marathon stretches of phone use, reminding you to look up and notice what's around you, refocus your eyes and be more present.

Are you, yourself, getting the side eye from friends and family when using your phone?

All The Pardons will help you to be a more conscientious person and bring more intimacy to your relationships.

Best Lifestyle App
on the Market


Responsive to GPS on your phone /

Makes you more present and strengthens your relationships /

/ Customizable – Your locations, messages and frequency can be custom set to what works best for you

/ Creative design

/ Easy to program

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